Not all developers were created equal.

Only the best and brightest meet the Newfire standard.

At Newfire Partners, we’ve heard the stereotypes about software development outsourcing companies. But we do things differently here.

It starts with a healthy respect for our talent. They come from countries where math and computer science are highly esteemed and many young people aspire to a career in software development. They're true craftspeople who take pride in their work. And we reward them by providing opportunities to work on intellectually stimulating projects with interesting clients.

Before he or she can join Newfire, each candidate goes through a rigorous vetting process. Elite technical skills and the ability to speak English are a must. So, too, is a willingness to identify, communicate and solve problems proactively.

Only the best and brightest developers meet the Newfire standard. Once they start here, they tend to stick around for a while. That's why we're well-equipped to assemble a dedicated team of professionals committed to your business for the long haul.

The difference is our people.

Newfire developers don't just live to code. They have diverse interests and do cool things outside of work. Cases in point: Andrew and Igor, who are part of our Lviv (Ukraine) team.

Andrew Andrew

Andrew admits to coding in his free time when he was younger. He credits his girlfriend for getting him out of the house more, and they enjoy activities like camping, cycling, snowboarding and going to music festivals.

A man with many creative outlets, Andrew has completed a screenplay for a movie that he hopes to shoot one day with friends. He's also a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums in a Lviv-based metal band. "Whether it's movies or music, I find creating something to be empowering," he says. "Music in particular is an endless source of energy for me. It's a battery that never needs to be recharged."

Andrew received his master's degree in computer systems networking and telecommunications from Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Igor is a competitive kickboxer who brings the same level of tenacity to his role at Newfire. The son of two accomplished athletes, he started judo at age 6, participated in competitions nationally and internationally, and eventually earned his black belt. In 2007, he received Ukraine's prestigious Master of Sports honor.

Since 2016, Igor has focused on a different pursuit: kickboxing. "The sport isn't just about hurting someone," he says. "It's much more technical than that. You try to predict when and where you're about to get hit, and then try to strike first. You have to be smarter and faster than the other guy." Igor holds a master's degree in computer science and information technology from Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Igor Igor

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